_cross_correlation(a, b[, maxlags, normed])

Calculate cross correlation between arrays.

_get_seasonal_cycle_name(timestamp, cycle)

Get unique name for each cycle in a series with timestamps.

_get_seasonal_in_cycle_name(timestamp, ...)

Get unique name for each point within the cycle in a series of timestamps.

_get_seasonal_in_cycle_num(timestamp, ...)

Get number for each point within cycle in a series of timestamps.

_prepare_seasonal_plot_df(ts, freq, cycle, ...)

_resample(df, freq, aggregation)

_seasonal_split(timestamp, freq, cycle)

Create a seasonal split into cycles of a given timestamp.

acf_plot(ts[, n_segments, lags, partial, ...])

Autocorrelation and partial autocorrelation plot for multiple timeseries.

cross_corr_plot(ts[, n_segments, maxlags, ...])

Cross-correlation plot between multiple timeseries.

distribution_plot(ts[, n_segments, ...])

Distribution of z-values grouped by segments and time frequency.

prediction_actual_scatter_plot(forecast_df, ts)

Plot scatter plot with forecasted/actual values for segments.

qq_plot(residuals_ts[, qq_plot_params, ...])

Plot Q-Q plots for segments.

seasonal_plot(ts[, freq, cycle, alignment, ...])

Plot each season on one canvas for each segment.

stl_plot(ts, period[, segments, ...])

Plot STL decomposition for segments.



Enum for types of aggregation in a seasonal plot.


Enum for types of alignment in a seasonal plot.


Enum for types of cycles in a seasonal plot.