plot_time_series_with_change_points(ts: TSDataset, change_points: Dict[str, List[pandas._libs.tslibs.timestamps.Timestamp]], segments: Optional[List[str]] = None, columns_num: int = 2, figsize: Tuple[int, int] = (10, 5))[source]

Plot segments with their trend change points.

  • ts (TSDataset) – TSDataset with timeseries

  • change_points (Dict[str, List[pandas._libs.tslibs.timestamps.Timestamp]]) – dictionary with trend change points for each segment, can be obtained from find_change_points()

  • segments (Optional[List[str]]) – segments to use

  • columns_num (int) – number of subplots columns

  • figsize (Tuple[int, int]) – size of the figure per subplot with one segment in inches