plot_trend(ts: TSDataset, trend_transform: Union[TrendTransformType, List[TrendTransformType]], segments: Optional[List[str]] = None, columns_num: int = 2, figsize: Tuple[int, int] = (10, 5))[source]

Plot series and trend from trend transform for this series.

If only unique transform classes are used then show their short names (without parameters). Otherwise show their full repr as label

  • ts (TSDataset) – dataframe of timeseries that was used for trend plot

  • trend_transform (Union[TrendTransformType, List[TrendTransformType]]) – trend transform or list of trend transforms to apply

  • segments (Optional[List[str]]) – segments to use

  • columns_num (int) – number of columns in subplots

  • figsize (Tuple[int, int]) – size of the figure per subplot with one segment in inches