At the package init by default etna checks availability of all packages and warns you if some of them are not available.

All available installation options:

pip install etna
pip install etna[prophet]
pip install etna[pytorch]
pip install etna[wandb]
pip install etna[all]


You also may want to make sure, that your etna project always has necessary dependencies installed. In order to do that, you need to create .etna file in the project directory. This way you will get error if any of the dependencies are not present.

Example .etna file:

torch_required = false
prophet_required = true
wandb_required = false

Details and available algorithms

See the API documentation for further details on setting up your etna environment:


Encapsulate the logic for finding and reading config files.


Encapsulate merging different types of configuration files.


etna settings.

etna.settings.Settings([torch_required, ...])

etna settings.