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from enum import Enum
from typing import List

from hydra_slayer import get_from_params

from import DEFAULT
from import fill_template
from etna.pipeline import Pipeline

[docs]class PoolGenerator: """Generate a pool of pipelines from given config templates in hydra format.""" def __init__(self, configs_template: List[dict]): """ Initialize with a list of config templates in hydra format. Parameters ---------- configs_template: list of template configs in hydra format Notes ----- Hydra configs templates: :: { '_target_': 'etna.pipeline.Pipeline', 'horizon': '${__aux__.horizon}', 'model': {'_target_': 'etna.models.ProphetModel'} } Values to be interpolated should be in the form of ``${__aux__.key}`` """ self.configs_template = configs_template
[docs] def generate(self, horizon: int) -> List[Pipeline]: """ Fill templates with args. Parameters ---------- horizon: horizon to forecast """ filled_templates: List[dict] = [fill_template(config, {"horizon": horizon}) for config in self.configs_template] return [get_from_params(**filled_template) for filled_template in filled_templates]
[docs]class Pool(Enum): """Predefined pools of pipelines.""" default = PoolGenerator(configs_template=DEFAULT) # type: ignore