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from typing import Callable
from typing import List
from typing import Optional
from typing import TypeVar

import dill
from joblib import Parallel
from joblib import delayed

from import AbstractRunner
from import run_dill_encoded

T = TypeVar("T")

[docs]class LocalRunner(AbstractRunner): """LocalRunner for one threaded run.""" def __call__(self, func: Callable[..., T], *args, **kwargs) -> T: """Call given ``func`` with ``*args`` and ``**kwargs``.""" return func(*args, **kwargs)
[docs]class ParallelLocalRunner(AbstractRunner): """ParallelLocalRunner for multiple parallel runs with joblib. Notes ----- Global objects behavior could be different while parallel usage because platform dependent new process start. Be sure that new process is started with ``fork`` via ``multiprocessing.set_start_method``. If it's not possible you should try define all globals before ``if __name__ == "__main__"`` scope. Warning ------- This class uses :py:mod:`dill` module during serialization which might be not secure. """ def __init__( self, n_jobs: int = 1, backend: str = "multiprocessing", mmap_mode: str = "c", joblib_params: Optional[dict] = None, ): """Init ParallelLocalRunner. Parameters ---------- n_jobs: number of parallel jobs to use backend: joblib backend to use mmap_mode: joblib mmap mode joblib_params: joblib additional params """ self.n_jobs = n_jobs self.backend = backend self.mmap_mode = mmap_mode self.joblib_params = {} if joblib_params is None else joblib_params def __call__(self, func: Callable[..., T], *args, **kwargs) -> List[T]: """Call given ``func`` with Joblib and ``*args`` and ``**kwargs``.""" payload = dill.dumps((func, args, kwargs)) job_results: List[T] = Parallel( n_jobs=self.n_jobs, backend=self.backend, mmap_mode=self.mmap_mode, **self.joblib_params )(delayed(run_dill_encoded)(payload) for _ in range(self.n_jobs)) return job_results