Source code for etna.transforms.decomposition.change_points_based.per_interval_models.base

from abc import ABC
from abc import abstractmethod

import numpy as np

from etna.core import BaseMixin

[docs]class PerIntervalModel(BaseMixin, ABC): """Class to handle intervals in change point based transforms. PerIntervalModel is a class to process intervals between change points in :py:mod:`~etna.transforms.decomposition.change_points_based` transforms. """
[docs] @abstractmethod def fit(self, features: np.ndarray, target: np.ndarray, *args, **kwargs) -> "PerIntervalModel": """Fit per interval model with given params.""" pass
[docs] @abstractmethod def predict(self, features: np.ndarray, *args, **kwargs) -> np.ndarray: """Make prediction with per interval model.""" pass