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import datetime
from enum import Enum
from typing import List
from typing import Optional

import holidays
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

from etna.transforms.base import IrreversibleTransform

[docs]class HolidayTransformMode(str, Enum): """Enum for different imputation strategy.""" binary = "binary" category = "category" @classmethod def _missing_(cls, value): raise NotImplementedError( f"{value} is not a valid {cls.__name__}. Supported mode: {', '.join([repr(m.value) for m in cls])}" )
[docs]class HolidayTransform(IrreversibleTransform): """ HolidayTransform generates series that indicates holidays in given dataset. In ``binary`` mode shows the presence of holiday in that day. In ``category`` mode shows the name of the holiday with value "NO_HOLIDAY" reserved for days without holidays. """ _no_holiday_name: str = "NO_HOLIDAY" def __init__(self, iso_code: str = "RUS", mode: str = "binary", out_column: Optional[str] = None): """ Create instance of HolidayTransform. Parameters ---------- iso_code: internationally recognised codes, designated to country for which we want to find the holidays mode: `binary` to indicate holidays, `category` to specify which holiday do we have at each day out_column: name of added column. Use ``self.__repr__()`` if not given. """ super().__init__(required_features=["target"]) self.iso_code = iso_code self.mode = mode self._mode = HolidayTransformMode(mode) self.holidays = holidays.country_holidays(iso_code) self.out_column = out_column def _get_column_name(self) -> str: if self.out_column: return self.out_column else: return self.__repr__() def _fit(self, df: pd.DataFrame) -> "HolidayTransform": """ Fit HolidayTransform with data from df. Does nothing in this case. Parameters ---------- df: pd.DataFrame value series with index column in timestamp format """ return self def _transform(self, df: pd.DataFrame) -> pd.DataFrame: """ Transform data from df with HolidayTransform and generate a column of holidays flags or its titles. Parameters ---------- df: pd.DataFrame value series with index column in timestamp format Returns ------- : pd.DataFrame with added holidays """ if (df.index[1] - df.index[0]) > datetime.timedelta(days=1): raise ValueError("Frequency of data should be no more than daily.") cols = df.columns.get_level_values("segment").unique() out_column = self._get_column_name() if self._mode is HolidayTransformMode.category: encoded_matrix = np.array( [self.holidays[x] if x in self.holidays else self._no_holiday_name for x in df.index] ) else: encoded_matrix = np.array([int(x in self.holidays) for x in df.index]) encoded_matrix = encoded_matrix.reshape(-1, 1).repeat(len(cols), axis=1) encoded_df = pd.DataFrame( encoded_matrix, columns=pd.MultiIndex.from_product([cols, [out_column]], names=("segment", "feature")), index=df.index, ) encoded_df = encoded_df.astype("category") df = df.join(encoded_df) df = df.sort_index(axis=1) return df
[docs] def get_regressors_info(self) -> List[str]: """Return the list with regressors created by the transform. Returns ------- : List with regressors created by the transform. """ return [self._get_column_name()]